SG-11 Advanced Brain Support- Functions, Price & Where to Buy?

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As we age, we all start forgetting things. The misplaced keys, the forgotten appointments all appear to be relatively harmless and considerably universal phenomenon. People can avoid grave mental problems if they take care of these early signs of mental issues. SG-11 is a supplement that helps consumers tackle the age-related and other psychological disorders pretty early in time. The ingredients of SG-11 are natural and safe. It is powerful nootropic blend that helps improve cognitive skills, memory and recalling capacity. It helps the consumer to be more focused and attentive.


Working Process and Ingredients

 SG-11 has a safe, natural and potent mix of ingredients that may help the consumer achieve better mental health even when aging. The most of the components are Asian like periwinkle extracts and soy extract. Many Asian countries have an exhaustive knowledge of herbs and medicinal plants. They have been using them successfully in their everyday lives. People in the Asian continent are less likely to suffer from age-related mental disorders like dementia. SG-11 relies on this information to create a precise mix of ingredients that can help us retard the effects of aging and can also help the younger generation increase their efficiency.

Ingredients In SG-11

-L-Alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine is a precursor of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which encourages a host of cognitive functions including memory formation and recall, and concentration/focus.

Gamma– Amino Butyric acid (GABA):- It has a calming effect on the brain. Its primary function is to restrict the activity of nerve cells in the nervous system. Many sleep and anxiety drugs enhance GABA activity in the brain and thereby reduces stress and alleviate anxiety.

Vitamin B6– is known to catalyze the production of GABA in the brain. SH-11 has plant extracts and Vitamin B6 the increases the concentration of GABA in the brain.

-Caffeine and Theanine are plant extracts that cross the blood-brain barrier readily. They both fall into the category of psychotic substances. Being structurally similar to adenosine caffeine can act as an antagonist by attaching to adenosine receptors but without activating them. Caffeine and Theanine are complementary they help reduce stress enhance cognition and reduce fatigue. They help focus better

Phosphatidylserine or Ptd-L-Ser or PS- This compound occurs in the cell membrane. It increases the Neurotransmitters in the brain and facilitates better communication between nerves and brain cells. It enhances memory and reduces fatigue.

Vinpocetine– The substance is isolated from alkaloid vincamine present in Periwinkle seeds and Voaconga and Crioceras Longiflorus. All over the world, vincamine is used to treat mental ailments. It enhances the blood supply to the brain and improves oxygen levels in the brain.

Huperzine A– is a plant isolate that increases neurotransmitters especially Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is one of many chemicals that nerves use to establish communication with the brain, muscles, and other areas. It affects the nervous system hence it is known to reduce anxiety and stress.

It alleviates the muscular disorders also.

Vitamins and Minerals– The main vitamins that show up on the label of SG-11 are B6, B12 as well as B3. They catalyze the actions of the above ingredients.

The Advantages of SG-11

  • SG-11 enhances the mental and physical efficiency of the user.
  • SG-11 helps improve energy levels
  • SG-11may help concentrate and stay focused longer.
  • SG-11 may increase the capacity of memory and ability to recall information.
  • SG-11 may reduce stress and help the consumer relax.
  • SG-11 may help prevent cognitive degeneration due to age.
  • SG-11 it helps to sleep better and reduces fatigue

The Disadvantages of SG-11

  • No FDA approval

Directions for usage

Take a pill with water every day.

Side Effects

The ingredients are all isolated from plants like moss, particular fungus, soy, so there are practically no side effects unless you are allergic to these things. No side effect of SG-11 has been reported

SG-11 Review – Final Verdict

Even though SG-11 is safe for human consumption and has many benefits, It is essential that you use it carefully and under due medical supervision. The supplement SG-11 may improve age-related mental issues. Even for the younger population, it will help them reduce stress and stay focused longer.

Where to buy

SG-11 is available through the official website. With a 180 money back guarantee you will have sufficient time to judge its results. Here is the link